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I miss internet. I miss you guys, too.

Oh, and I have this nasty pain in my right ribcage, as if it was a punctured lung or something. Sweet

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Anonymous asked:

Where'd you go?

I’m sorry, dear Anon, but I don’t have internet as of the moment.

As a matter of fact, this reply was only possible because we managed to figure out my neighbour’s WiFi password. Maybe you’ll see more of me during the next days, but since he might notice I’m stealing internet, it’s nothing certain.

Why on Anonymous, though? Please come off anon and let’s talk. :)

Thanks for your concern!

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From:    fhlostonsparadise

Not having internet blows. Just letting you guys know there’s no date for my return to this place, but know that I do miss blogging a whole fucking lot.

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Just writing this message to thank every single one of you for having followed me, you guys honor me with your presence and I’m utterly grateful for it.

Truth is, if we’ve ever messaged each other, I care about you and remember you very well. If we’ve just shared one message or don’t talk to each other anymore, be sure I’ve thought about you and appreciate you.
And if I’ve ever done anything that’s made you feel upset, I offer you my most sincere apologies for it.

I’ve had more than enough time to think about a lot of things the last couple days and it seemed appropriate to share some of these feelings and thoughts with you.

PS: One last thing, whether I know you or I don’t, I wish you a great week filled with good things.

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